Improve performance, market position and customer satisfaction

A Prospera benchmarking study goes way beyond a mere ranking list. Our well tested model and methodology gives you a “snap shot” of your performance, competitive position and degree of customer understanding. It also furnishes you with crucial insights, analytical findings and allows you to benchmark against the very best peers in your line of business. Letting you learn about your strengths and weaknesses and identify your high priority areas. A Prospera benchmarking report will enable you to find out where to put the effort to improve your performance, market position, how to raise customer satisfaction and ultimately do better business.

A solid model built together with our clients

Our benchmarking studies cover several areas of capital markets, investment banking, transactional banking, relationship management, asset & wealth management, operations & back office as well as commercial law services. Since the start in 1985 we’ve produced thousands of reports and today the greater part of the financial industry in the Nordic region regularly uses Prospera and we are expanding our services internationally.


A glance at the Prospera model

The model provides a clear focus on market position, performance and client understanding:

Prospera model Customer experience

A source of inspiration for our clients

Over the years we have fine tuned our survey model and methodology. Together with our clients we have built a solid survey model that vouches for relevance, continuity and transparency and offer tools for improvement and development. Yet another aspect is that the model in itself has enhanced the quality of services rendered by our clients. This since clients are challenged as well as inspired by the opportunity of being measured and compared with their peers. During the last years we performed roughly 400 surveys annually involving more than 70 financial companies and institutes and did more than 5000 interviews across the Nordic market and globally, chiefly with senior executive management.

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